Employ Me – Timesheet


To work in Australia, you need to have particular tickets applicable to different trades. Please see below for examples:

All applicants must have at least 2 checkable references

Construction General Labourer – Must have a White Card

Driver – Must have a recognised NSW C/HR/MR or HC Drivers Licence

Forklift Driver – Must have a NSW Forklift Drivers Licence

Traffic Controller – Must have a NSW recognised Traffic Controller Ticket

Trades Assistant – Must have qualifications and experience

Carpenter / Joiner / Welder – Must have qualifications and experience

Process Workers – Must have at least two checkable work references

Machine Operators – Must have qualifications and experience

How do I ensure I am always working?

Text your Employ Me Labour Hire Representative:

When you find out a job is due to finish

If your availability changes

To keep your contact details up to date

If you upgrade your skills

Before Assignment

You must check the confirmation text message for personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. Different employers may have different requirements, hence it is necessary to have steel capped boots, hard hat, high visibility shirt, safety glasses and gloves.

Make sure you take your timesheet for each job. You must have your supervisor’s signature for each working day.

Send a confirmation text to your Employ Me Labour Hire Representative that you are on the way to the job site.

If you cannot attend the job you must contact (text when out of office hours)  your Employ Me Labour Hire Representative at least 4 hours before your shift, so that we can organise a replacement.

Assignment tips

Be on time, this shows that you are dedicated and punctual.

If you are running late you need to contact the site manager and inform him/her.

Every assignment is an opportunity that could lead to extended work, so leave a great impression.

If you have any queries or questions concerning the job or anything else don’t hesitate to ask. It is better to ask your supervisor then continuing and making a mistake.

Clarity with your supervisor when your breaks are and for how long they last.

You must clarify with the site manager first if you are required to stay overtime.

Safety Tips

At Employ Me safety is our Number 1 concern, so always exercise due diligence while working. Being alert on site is very important as it can prevent and reduce workplace injuries.

Be mindful of the environment you are working in as most accidents are preventable.

Be mindful of the client’s safety procedures as they may be different and always report unsafe working conditions to the site manager immediately.

There is a ZERO tolerance of drugs and alcohol intoxication. Workers can be subjected to an on-site drug or alcohol test. Any positive reading will result in an immediate stop work.

Call us:

If you are asked to perform duties which are not part of your job description.

If you believe that your working conditions are unsafe.

If you injure yourself while working on-site and before seeking any medical assistance.

After Assignment

Must make sure your time sheet is signed by your supervisor. If the supervisor has left the site or is unavailable please contact your Employ Me Labour Hire Representative ASAP so that we can make contact with the site supervisor.

Time sheets must be singed and emailed in by Sunday of that week to accounts@labourhirecanberra.com.au

If you have any further questions please contact the office during office hours on 0415 790 755