Employ Me Labour Hire Canberra specializes in the supply of the full range of Industrial Labour Hire. We offer a hands on approach and we strive to deliver quality Industrial Labour Hire employees to our clients every time. We have an impressive track record in recruiting professional construction roles typically found within the industrial industry to be able to satisfy your company with all construction work.


Machine Operators

Employ Me Machine Operator’s are in charge for all Machine Operating work and problems. The work consists of all Machinery Production and Operating. The role mainly ensures there is man and machine safety and execute all the tasks of his job with effectiveness.

Process Workers

Process Workers operate machinery to further assist all other co workers with all Labouring work.

Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers provides industrialized essential services of transporting goods and materials. Our Truck drivers are persistent and efficient with all tasks. Employ Me guarantees all hired truck drivers hold a strong responsibility with work ensuring they deliver all goods on time. Employ Me truck drivers consists of a positive attitude and service to provide you with the best possible assistance with transportation of goods.

Electrical Assemblers

All Electrical Assemblers working under Employ Me are responsible for all connections between large devices to electronic components to properly function all devices. The work comprises of Routing, Cutting, and Soldering wires are the main tasks they undertake.


Builder’s labourers undertake labouring tasks that may vary in lifting, moving, handling and stacking a wide range of building materials. Our employees often commence in general on-site clean up including removal of excess materials, scraping floors, sweeping, vacuuming, emptying of bins using a bin tipper and redistribution of bins and mini-skips around site. Our Labourers often undertake refurbishment, on-site clearing, demolition, and all garden labouring tasks.