Employ Me Construction Labour Hire Canberra specializes in the supply of the full range of construction trades along with experienced construction labour and Trade Assistants within the building and construction industry Canberra.

Ranging from Skilled labourers to Tradesman and Forklift or Truck Drivers, Employ Me Construction Labour Hire Canberra has Solution For You! We offer a hands on approach and we strive to deliver quality construction labour hire employees to our clients ANYTIME AND EVERYTIME! We are the one stop shop for your Workforce Labour Solution.


Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers provides industrialized essential services of transporting goods and materials. Our Truck drivers are persistent and efficient with all tasks. Employ Me guarantees all hired truck drivers hold a strong responsibility with work ensuring they deliver all goods on time. Employ Me truck drivers consists of a positive attitude and service to provide you with the best possible assistance with transportation of goods.

Builder labourers:

Builder’s labourers undertake labouring tasks that may vary in lifting, moving, handling and stacking a wide range of building materials. Our employees often commence in general on-site clean up including removal of excess materials, scraping floors, sweeping, vacuuming, emptying of bins using a bin tipper and redistribution of bins and mini-skips around site. Our Labourers often undertake refurbishment, on-site clearing, demolition, and all garden labouring tasks.


Landscapers take on passionate environmentally friendly tasks to enhance and bring future to Canberra. Our Landscapers often undertake tree and shrub planting and all fundamental responsibilities regarding land forms. Employ Me strive for professional and motivational landscapers that take into account of any natural influences towards the environment such as the weather affecting the plants and trees. Therefore all Landscapers have a strong knowledge of all natural instincts and conditions.

Concreter /Steel Fixer:

Concreters are responsible for all roles and issues regarding concretes, certain tasks are bulk quantity of concrete moving, assistance with guidance and releasing of concrete from crane. Employ Me Concreters are experienced and competent in providing all assistance and problem solving regarding concrete. Steel fixer specializes in the repairments of all steel damages to provide stabilized and reliable use of all steel equipment and properties.

Earthmoving plant operator:

Earthmoving plant operators are responsible for excavations of all different types of soil, rock and rubble. Duties undertaken include operation of an excavator with various types of attachments to dig, scrape, rip, break up soil, paving, rock and other materials in order to create accesses, dig foundations for buildings and roadways. Our earthmoving plant operators undertake comprehensive certified training to assist with all Earthmoving projects and work.

Forklift driver:

Forklift drivers operate the forklift to shift, load and unload heavy materials or vehicles around the site. We offer experienced and safe forklift drivers that persist with a careful checking and monitoring of the heavy item while moving to ensure no damage to the surroundings. Such items may consist of tiles, bricks and any heavy items that require machinery to transport.


Carpenters are responsible for all walls and ceiling framework including the installation of windows and doorways, as well as laying timber flooring. Employ Me Carpenters are professionalized in terms of alignment and measurement of all flooring tasks and framework to provide work of perfection.


Dismantling, modifying, and producing scaffolding structures to provide work platforms and stairway accesses to all building sites is covered by the role of a Scaffolder. Employ Me Scaffolders focuses on intensive plans and drawings to identify and assemble prefabricated scaffold components to build a thorough and sequential scaffold.

Traffic Controllers

Employ Me offers professional Traffic controllers that are experienced with all production and repairment of all types of Traffic. The main role of this occupation is to monitor and control all pedestrian and vehicle traffic in a wide variety of construction environments ranging from small traffic controls of trucks within a factory outlet to large main traffic pedestrian control on a main road.


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